Protective Shoe Covers

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Brinmar shoe covers help protect both floors and carpets. They are made of spun-bonded polypropylene—a lightweight, breathable fabric that's comfortable to wear. This splash-proof fabric is durable and designed for extended use. Our shoe covers are disposable, but they can be worn many times without deteriorating. Brinmar shoe covers also have a unique rubber tread on the sole to provide more slip resistance as compared to some other brands. Shoe covers fit all sizes of shoe up to size 15. The heel to toe dimension stretches to 17" and the opening stretches to 11".

  • 10 Pairs - Ten pairs of shoe covers packed in a convenient resealable plastic bag; convenient size suitable for resale; backs can be mounted on a peg hook
  • 50 Pairs - Fifty pairs of shoe covers in a heat-sealed bag
  • 150 Pairs - Economically priced for the frequent user; each carton contains 150 pairs (3 bags of 50 pairs)
  • 500 Pairs - Bulk packs for maximum savings; each carton contains 500 pairs (10 bags of 50 pairs)
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Key Benefits

  • Saves time and money
  • Promotes sales, referral sales and repeat business
  • Convenient for both sales and service departments
  • Promotes professionalism and improves company image
  • Provides peace of mind for both customer and business
  • Generates goodwill and helps develop loyal customers
  • Separate yourself from competition without using price
  • Shoe covers make a wonderful first impression
  • Homeowners appreciate people that respect their homes